Gentler Approach to Chiropractic

McTimoney Chiropractic is a type of chiropractic which is well known for it’s relatively gentle and fast mechanism of manipulation.  The basic premise of the adjustments is that they are very fast to avoid having to put as much weight behind them as some other chiropractic techniques.  Many patients say that this makes it much more comfortable to receive than some other forms of chiropractic.

Alignment Based, Not Going for the ‘Crack’McTimoney-Method-Chiropractic-300x200

Most people assume that chiropractic is about cracking the back or neck (also known as ‘cavitation’).  McTimoney technique works on the alignment of the musculoskeletal system.  Whilst cavitation sometimes happens with all chiropractic techniques, it is not the desired outcome from an adjustment. Instead, there is a focus on the relaxation of muscular spasm and the realignment of joint symmetry to allow inflammation to reduce and boost the nervous system to it’s full potential.

Holistic Approach

Another hallmark of McTimoney is the holistic approach to care.  This means that when treating a patient, I try to consider every aspect of their health (not just their joints, muscles or nerves) and every part of their body (not just the area they have a problem with).  This is because the body works as a whole – and therefore dysfunction present in another region of the body may be having knock on effects on other areas of the body.  For example walking badly on one ankle can easily cause issues into the knee, hip and beyond.


Still Unsure About a Visit to a Cambridge Chiropractor?

If you live near Cambridge and have pain or other symptoms, or if you want to improve the function of your body, chiropractic is a safe and very effective solution.  If you are unsure whether chiropractic care is right for you, then you should consider booking either a first visit or a FREE spine check. During this time, the process of chiropractic care will be explained fully.  There is no obligation to continue with the visits.  To book, please call 01223 459240, book online or contact us.