Honest Prices and Great Savings

As well as offering all visits at a low flat rate – even the initial consultation and exam, various payment plans and options are available allowing patients to make some great savings.  We make it our goal to make health care accessible to all budgets so that you can get the care you deserve without breaking the bank.


Spine Checks (15 mins) – FREE

spine check Cambridge Free
A spine check will entail a 15 minute assessment of your body and a chat about whether you feel chiropractic is right for you.  Since it’s completely free, it’s a great way of seeing what the whole process of chiropractic care is all about. After this visit, you will still need an initial consultation and examination to go through things properly.

Initial Consultation and Examination (60 mins) – £40

During the initial consultation and exam, your chiropractor will go through your medical history, as well as any details about your current problem.  Some testing of the joints and nerves will be used to find a working diagnosis.  They will also let you know whether chiropractic care is likely to help, and roughly how many visits might be needed.

Often there will be enough time available for some manipulation and lifestyle advice during the first visit at no extra cost.

Follow-up Visits (20 mins) – ‘Pay as you go’ £40 per visit

affordable chiropractor Cambridge

During the follow-up visits, your chiropractor will use all the tools at their disposal to resolve your condition as quickly as possible and improve your health.  This may be with gentle chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue release, lifestyle advice, exercise plans and more.

Payment Plans

Available for Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage

6 Visits – £210 – SAVE £5 per visit!

6 visits is often enough to see patients through the initial pain phase of care and into a ‘stable point’.  It’s also a good way of saving money on the visits to the clinic, making your health care more affordable.


12 Chiropractic Visits – £390 – SAVE £7.50 per visit!

The 12 visit plan is the most economical plan, saving £90 overall.  Some patients may need this number of visits for their initial problem, and others take advantage of the flexibility of sharing the plan with family members, or spreading them over the course of the next year or so.

The Fine Print

Arrival Policy

Please arrive for your visits on time, or ideally 5 minutes before, otherwise your appointment may have to be cut short in order to see patients that did arrive on time.  Please park in one of the two ‘Relief Chiropractic’ parking spaces, or if these aren’t available, one of the unmarked spaces at the end of the complex.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel a visit for whatever reason, please contact the clinic by phone at least 24 hours in advance or you may be subject to a cancellation fee of £20.

Complaints and Refunds

Our goal is always to satisfy our patients with excellent care.  If you are unhappy with any part of the process you should speak to your practitioner in the first instance.  If for any reason you feel entitled to a refund you can discuss the reasons and it can be arranged.  Should you experience any further difficulties and would like to talk to someone other than your practitioner, then the Clinic Manager, Karen Rogers can be contacted for further assistance.



Still Unsure About a Visit to a Cambridge Chiropractor?

If you live near Cambridge and have pain or other symptoms, or if you want to improve the function of your body, chiropractic is a safe and very effective solution.  If you are unsure whether chiropractic care is right for you, then you should consider booking either a first visit or a FREE spine check. During this time, the process of chiropractic care will be explained fully.  There is no obligation to continue with the visits.  To book, please call 01223 459240, book online or contact us.