The ArthroStim; A Versatile Chiropractic Technique

ArthroStim Chiropractor CambridgeUsing the ArthroStim, our practitioners are able to use incredibly gentle impulses that are very comfortable to receive for the patient.  This allows us to adjust children, the elderly or even those with osteoporosis with ease.

Due to the versatility of the instrument, it allows us to also deliver more forceful adjustments when they are needed, in those rugby players amongst you!

Treatments can be preformed seated, standing or even during a mock ‘golf swing’ for example, which gives us a huge range of versatility and specificity.

What Does an ArthroStim Do?

‘Arthro’ means joint and ‘Stim’ is short for stimulate, so as you can imagine the ArthroStim stimulates the joints!  The unique thing about it is that it relies on 12-14 incredibly fast impulses a second.  A practitioner’s hands are slower and heavier when creating the same effect, meaning that the ArthroStim is often much more comfortable for those in pain.

Rather than manipulating many joints at once, our approach is always to be as specific as possible and the ArthroStim allows our practitioners to do this.