Our Services; Your Health is Only a Phone Call Away

At Relief Chiropractic clinic, we passionately believe in working with other practitioners and healthcare experts to look at every aspect of your health.  Too often, people find themselves frustrated in having to share their details several times with separate practitioners, none of which talk to each other.  This isn’t the way it has to be!

Our Model of Health, Our Vision

At Relief Chiropractic, several practitioners can work together to help you achieve your health goals.  This means you get undeniably excellent care, from the people best served to help you.  Not just removing those aches and pains.  For example, moderating stress through various approaches can be of great importance in cases of back pain.  Our vision is to get you through the process of improving your health by referring you to the right people at the right time, and managing the problem between us if needed.  Chiropractic care is perfectly placed to do this and could help you get to the middle of that diagram – Health!


Principal Chiropractor – Edmund Rogers

Chiropactor – Abbe Edwards

Massage Therapy

Senior Sports Massage Therapist – Edwina Parker

Sports Massage Therapist – Joanna Reptak-Blaz


Acupuncture Therapist – Jane Johnson

Exercise and Nutrition

Biomechanics and Orthotics Specialist – David Levy

Strength and Conditioning Coach – Harry Veysey

Psychological and Wellbeing

Life Coach – Katharine Ellis

Clinical Hypnotist – Michael Jones