Frequently Asked Questions about Chiropractic Care

Chiropactic FAQWe understand that sometimes our patients want to know a little bit more information about chiropractic before booking an appointment. Our chiropractors have tried to answer the most commonly asked questions, however if you can not find the answer here please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information on our other services see our Acupuncture FAQ and Massage Therapy FAQ as well.


Q: Is chiropractic only for back pain?
A: No! Although classically recognised as being particularly effective for low back pain, chiropractic is also helpful with a whole host of other conditions.

Q: Is chiropractic suitable for me?
A: If your problem is to do with your nerves, muscles or joints, chiropractic is likely to help.  Some problems however, will not respond to treatment and should be addressed by another healthcare specialist.  Either way, it cannot hurt to come in to relief chiropractic for an assessment so that we can point you in the right direction.

Q: Who will my chiropractor be?
A: Meet the team for more details.

Q: Will chiropractic hurt?
A: Generally, no. However, when someone is in acute pain any movement of the area will cause some sort of irritation which cannot be avoided. Through experience we have found that getting on and off the bench or in and out of the car are usually the most painful parts of the process in these cases!

Q: How long are the appointments?
A: First appointments are 1 hour in order to complete a full medical history and neurological testing. Follow up appointments are usually about 20 minutes long, however the appointment may be slightly longer or shorter depending on individual cases.

Q: What if I miss an appointment?
A: Please let us know 24 hours before the appointment that you are unavailable. If you miss it for no good reason and without notice, you may be charged a £20 fee.

Q: What should I wear for the appointment?
A: For all visits, you should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing in order to move about the bench and have your body assessed (shorts and a T-shirt for example).  If your are wearing difficult clothing for the visit, gowns can be provided.

Q: What if I feel uncomfortable during the visit?
A: You can always have a chaperone such as a family member or close friend. Remember, for the visits themselves you can be completely clothed and if you feel uncomfortable at any point, the session can be stopped.

Q: How many treatments will I need to get rid of pain?
A: Generally, somewhere between 6 and 12 treatments will reduce pain significantly and resolve the initial problem, but this is completely dependent on the individual. Sometimes it’s as few as 2 visits and sometimes it’s 15.  You will be given a treatment plan at your assessment tailored to you to give you some idea.

Q: How much will it cost me?
A: We pride ourselves on offering really great value for money and really honest prices. Our our payment plans allow follow-up visits to cost as little as £32.50 per visit, allowing you to make some great savings. For more details see our fees page.

Q: Do you have a card reader?
A: Yes, we can accept all of the usual card makes, but unfortunately not american express.

Q:  Can I claim for chiropractic on my health insurance?
A:  Some insurance providers are happy to cover complementary therapies, but you will have to check with your individual provider to see if they cover this and if they accept our clinic.
Our policy regarding insurance companies is that we ask the individual to pay for treatments themselves and then claim back from their individual insurance provider. We understand that not all providers allow this option, however, due to various issues with invoicing, we have found that it is not worth registering our practice with insurance providers.

Q: I just want my back to get better, why all the talk of exercises and information?
A: Nothing will be forced upon you, however many of these sorts of problems are generally caused by what you do, how you move etc., so some changes in lifestyle are often essential for results.

Q: Do you guarantee results?
A: At present, our success rate is somewhere between 70-95% dependent on the condition presented. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees of results. However, if there aren’t some improvements after 4-6 visits that usually means that we need to change our approach, do further investigations or refer you back to your GP or an appropriate specialist.

Q: What is the difference between chiropractic and osteopathy?
A: Generally the difference is that historically chiropractors were more concerned with improving nerve function where osteopaths were concerned with improving blood flow.  Nowadays, there are more similarities than differences between the professions.  Find a professional who suits you and you will not go far wrong.

Q: After seeing a chiropractor, my friend says chiropractors are rubbish, is this true?
A: Like all professions, there are good and bad. I’m sorry your friend had a bad experience, but we happen to be really good chiropractors!

Q: I have more questions.  Where can I find some answers?
A: If you still have questions we can probably answer them in person, why not contact us?  Failing that, the GCC or MCA have very informative FAQ sections.

Still Unsure About a Visit to a Cambridge Chiropractor?

If you live near Cambridge and have pain or other symptoms, or if you want to improve the function of your body, chiropractic is a safe and very effective solution.  If you are unsure whether chiropractic care is right for you, then you should consider booking either a first visit or a FREE spine check. During this time, the process of chiropractic care will be explained fully.  There is no obligation to continue with the visits.  To book, please call 01223 459240, book online or contact us.