Types of Massage Visits: More Than Just Massage!

There are many different types of massage and it can be confusing trying to figure out which one is right for you.

In general we advise that if you have a specific painful problem then sports massage or deep tissue massage is a great place to start.  If you are simply looking for something to help you relax and unwind then Swedish massage or head massage is recommended.

We also offer reflexology for general health and wellbeing.

To help you understand the options available, here are some summaries of all the types of massage we provide.

If you still have questions about massage therapy

If you are still unsure whether massage is right for you, then you should consider booking either a first visit or a FREE telephone call with our principal chiropractor, who can help you decide your next step.

To book, please call 01223 459240, book online or contact us.