Ankle Sprain

What is an Ankle Sprain?

An ankle sprain is a very common injury. With an ankle sprain chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial. Ankle sprains affect sports people, walkers, gardeners and couch potatoes alike!  The mechanism of injury often varies a lot from person to person.  The most common sprain involves the ankle ‘giving way’ whilst walking. The lower leg travels onward to the outside edge of the foot, causing the sole of the foot to face inwards (inversion).  This sprains the ligaments to the outside edge of the ankle. You can also have an eversion ankle sprain, or a rotation of the foot although these mechanisms of injury are not as common. A sprain is damage to ligaments, whereas a strain would be damage to muscle.

ankle sprain chiropractic treatment

Sprained Ankle Help & Acute Management using Chiropractic and Sports Massage

There is evidence that chiropractic care, or you may think of it as ankle sprain chiropractic treatment, is effective in managing and treating sprained ankle pain, especially in the crucial early stages.  Often, a consultation and examination with one of our chiropractors would be a great place to start to find a suitable course of management.  Depending on the injury, it may also be useful to have kinesiology taping or sports massage to reduce swelling and inflammation, limit any further damage to the ligaments and put them back onto the road to recovery.

Exercises and gentle stretches will also be a key component of a full recovery. Although we have state of the art digital X-Ray on site, we are unable to take X-rays of the ankle and so we can directly refer you for other private imaging such as X-ray, ultrasound or MRI depending on your needs. If desired, our chiropractors can write a full report of findings for this purpose to refer you quickly and directly.

Prognosis of an Ankle Sprain (sprained ankle help)

The general advice is that most sprains will take 6-8 weeks to feel major improvements.  It often takes longer than this if the sprain is a bad one; more like 2-3 months, especially to get to a point of full recovery. There are different grades of sprain and of course all patients have a different medical history.  This means that the prognosis often varies.  Often, people are not necessarily in constant pain during recovery.  Instead you are usually still working on the ankle’s range, strength and function for those months.

We often see old ankle sprains (sometimes over a year) in which the foot and ankle isn’t moving properly. Often the ligaments, muscles and joints have stiffened up in order to protect the ankle which wasn’t fully recovered. This then leads to the ankle joints getting restricted, making walking difficult. We have also observed patients in which this one sided ankle stiffness progresses into knee, hip or back pain due to the lack of normal movement in that side of the body.

What’s the Bottom Line?

For an ankle sprain chiropractic treatment, or more specifically Chiropractic care, is proven to be effective in the short term, and massage therapy at Relief may also be beneficial.  However, the main advice is not to see this injury as too ‘simple’ just because it’s a common injury.  Ankle sprains often aren’t taken seriously, and in some ways can have more lasting effects than simple fractures for example.

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