Can a Chiropractor help with a Slipped Disc?

Absolutely! Many patients choose to see a chiropractor with their slipped disk, rather than resorting to drugs or surgery. We would always suggest that a more conservative approach such as chiropractor adjustment would be appropriate unless the symptoms are simply unbearable.

A slipped disk, like most injuries should undergo a natural healing process.  However, the cause of the injury is often a lack of normal movement in the spine.  Chiropractic care always starts with identifying the cause of the injury. The injury will heal much faster if the spine is under less stress, less inflammation, moving better and functioning well.


What Is a slipped disc?

A slipped disk is a misleading term. The disk hasn’t actually ‘slipped’ at all! The harder outer layer of the disk has ruptured, allowing the softer inner material known as the nucleus pulposus to squish outwards. Think of it like the outer part of a bicycle tyre tearing and the inner tyre protruding outwards.

This causes a huge amount of inflammation around the injury as the body tries to heal. The extra pressure causes nerve root irritation, which is where the characteristic severe leg pain is coming from. Much like any other injury, the spine then spasms or ‘splints’, muscles contract and joints lock down further.

Slipped disc chiropractor adjustment treatment

A chiropractor’s job is to identify the joints which have the least motion and the most stress and to rehabilitate motion through the joint through a specific, focussed adjustment.  In disk injuries, X-ray or MRI imaging as well as other testing will show which parts of the spine need improved movement.  Often, one of the segments near the disk injury is very stiff which over time leads to the slipped disk from excessive wear.  A plan of care will be proposed, designed to get your body healing as quickly as possible, often over several weeks or months.  This will usually include exercises and lifestyle advice.

Still Unsure About a Visit to a Cambridge Chiropractor?

Our office has plenty of experience in dealing with patients with acute and chronic disk injuries, including slipped disks. We feel that chiropractic care is an essential step towards recovery, especially if you are trying to avoid the need for excess drugs or surgery. If you have any questions at all or want to know more, please schedule a call with one of our chiropractors today.

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