How much is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage consists of applying a range of techniques to physically break down adhesions to help relieve pain and restore the muscle tissue back to a healthy state. Sports massage therapists aim to relieve anyone who is suffering with aches, sprains, pains and muscle tension.

You may find you need a sports massage after overdoing simple everyday tasks such as gardening, sitting at a desk all day and enduring the stress of modern life. Many people also consult a sports massage therapist to assist in sports training or help with the recovery and rehabilitation of an injury.

Here at Relief, our fully qualified sports massage therapists will assess which techniques are appropriate to treat your issue following a consultation, and they will apply these techniques during your sports massage.

We aim to make our healthcare accessible to all budgets, meaning your sports massage cost may be lower than you think. See our sports massage prices below for more information.

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How much is a Sports Massage Consultation?

Sports Massage Consultation price – £68

If you have muscle stiffness or a specific painful problem, a sports massage consultation is a great place to start. Our sports massage therapist will assess which muscles of the body are causing your issue and conduct a massage during your consultation. They’ll also suggest a care plan to correct the problem.

A consultation will allow the sports massage therapist to determine how long and how frequent your therapy needs to be, and they can also determine whether you need to be co-managed with chiropractic care.

How much does a Follow Up Sports Massage cost?

Follow Up Sports Massage prices – £68

During a follow up sports massage, your therapist will continue with your massage therapy and advice according to your care plan. Your massage therapy will involve the use of various techniques to remove any restrictions and improve the health of your muscles and soft tissue.

Our sports therapists use advanced techniques, such as trigger point therapy for example, to remedy specific muscle injuries. A follow up sports massage isn’t just for people who ‘do sports’, it’s for anyone who has a specific problem area that is causing stress and strain.

At the initial visit, we find out what’s causing the problem. Follow ups are where the condition is treated intensively over time to correct the problem. This usually means coming to clinic regularly over a period of several weeks with progressively less frequent treatments over time, until the condition has been resolved. Exact frequency will depend on the individual case.

How much is a Sports Massage Care Plan?

Sports Massage Prices for Tailored Care Plans – 20% off

Our sports massage care plans are tailored to your specific needs and are based on the plan of care your practitioner recommends. That means that the number of visits you pay for are the exact number of visits you need. No more and no less. With this care plan, you’ll receive a 20% discount if you pay for your sports massage therapy in advance (50% must be paid up front). You’ll also receive a discount on our other services, such as Chiropractic care for example, if you undertake this plan.

How much does a Relief gift voucher for Sports Massage cost?

A sports massage gift voucher is the perfect gift for a special someone. Valid for one year from the date of purchase, we have a voucher for any of the services we offer here at Relief, including chiropractic care, massage therapy and aromatherapy. 

Our gift vouchers allow you to enjoy any of our relaxation massages or sports massages, a consultation with a chiropractor or a chiropractic adjustment visit. Prices for our chiropractic care and massage therapy gift vouchers start from £46.

If you have a loved one who would prefer personalised aromatherapy products, our aromatherapy gift voucher is the perfect gift. Our custom blended products are tailored to suit your personal preferences for aroma and how it makes you feel. Provided by Telfairi Natural Therapies, our range of customised products include oils and creams, pulse point rollers, clay face masks and inhalant drops. Prices for our aromatherapy gift voucher start from £11.

So whether you’re looking to book a consultation, or you’d like to treat a family member to a relaxation massage, we have a suitable gift voucher for you. 

Still Unsure About a Visit to a Cambridge Massage Therapist?

If you live in or around Cambridge and have muscle stiffness, pain or would like to release stress and tension, massage is a very safe and effective solution. If you have a specific painful problem sports massage is a great place to start.  If you are simply looking for relaxation, why not try one of our other types of massage therapy.

If you are unsure whether massage is right for you, then you should consider booking either a consultation or a FREE telephone call with our principal chiropractor, who can help you decide your next step.

To book, please call 01223 459240, book online or contact us.