Can I Have Chiropractic Care While Pregnant?

chiropractic care while pregnant

One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘can I have chiropractic care while pregnant?’ The short answer is yes. We can care for patients throughout pregnancy and even support postpartum (post birth). Chiropractic care is one of the few not discouraged in any trimester; our very own Edmund Rogers even treated his wife, Karen, throughout her pregnancy.

At Relief Chiropractic, we approach pregnancy-related dysfunction as a transient problem. This differs from our usual process as we don’t look to ease long term tensions, but instead treat the immediate issues to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Our techniques can also be adapted according to the stage of pregnancy so whether you’re in your first, second, or third trimester, we can address lower and middle back pains, ligamentous laxity, and symphysis pubis separation among other needs.

Dealing with Growing Pains

Pregnancy affects the body in multiple ways. One of the ways your body prepares for child birth is by increasing the production of relaxin (a ligament and joint-loosening hormone). Relaxin is useful in easing the birthing process but can also have side effects such as leaving you feeling loose-limbed or a little wobbly. This coupled with your body adjusting to carry your baby can seriously impact your back and leave you suffering from back pain or other concerns. This is where chiropractic care while pregnant can help.

pregnant woman chiropractor

First of all, we recommend choosing your chiropractor carefully. Choose a practitioner who listens to you, who talks to you about what they plan to do, and ultimately someone you trust. At Relief, we help you through your pregnancy by identifying where you need help, be it pelvic support, lumbar support, or other associated pains. 

To do this we have a wide range of techniques including adjustments to the sacrum; a large bone at the base of the spine responsible for supporting the baby’s weight. These adjustments can help relieve tension in your lower back and reduce pain and pressure during pregnancy.

Preparing for Pregnancy

Along with supporting you during your pregnancy, chiropractic care while pregnant can also help prepare your pelvis for childbirth. This can ensure a smoother pregnancy, making it easier for you and your baby.  

Along with chiropractic adjustments, we use an array of other massage therapy to better understand yours and your baby’s development and suggest treatments accordingly. This is supported by our team of experienced massage therapists who ensure that you feel as prepared as you can be for your child’s arrival.

These recommendations will be made clear to patients through a consultation with our team as there are certain circumstances where massage is not appropriate. We always communicate with patients to keep them informed so that patients are in the best position to decide on what to do next.

Looking After Yourself Postpartum

Many new mums can end up neglecting themselves after birth. With a new baby to take care of and all the focus, time, and energy it takes, new parents often put their own pains or needs to one side to focus on providing for their child. However, looking after yourself is just as important, because keeping fit and healthy allows you to care for your new family.

Chiropractic care can help deal with the trauma sustained in childbirth to get you back to a comfortable place. While not necessary in every pregnancy, we at least recommend a check-up so you can stay informed about your physical health. We also want to make your life as easy as possible and offer onsite baby changing units for new mums to use whenever they have an appointment. 

At our clinic in Cambridge, our team specialise in gentle yet effective techniques that focus on root causes to restore normal function, improve mobility, and reduce back pain. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you through your, or your partner’s pregnancy, or want to know more about how we can help you then please book an appointment or contact us today.