Ergonomic Accessories: Lumbar Support For Office Chair

lumbar support for office chair

Lumbar support is an integral part of good posture and spinal support. Lower back pain affects many people with most of us spending most of the day sitting behind a desk. With many people working from home too, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you have the right lumbar support. We’re going to look at what causes lumbar pain and how you can support your spine while working.

What causes lumbar pain?

Lumbar pain is any discomfort you may feel around the lower spine. Whether you work a manual job lifting heavy objects every day or spend your time working at a desk, your spine is continually supporting you. Lumbar pain can be caused by several factors including slipped discs, inflammation, strains, disease, bad posture, and lack of exercise. This is why supporting your spine is so important, even when working a desk job.

This type of strain on your back can cause lumbar lordosis, which is a condition which puts too much emphasis on the curve of your spine, leaving you arching too far forward with a bit of a “swayback posture”.

Choosing a lumbar support aid

First, you need to identify where you need lumbar support. Is your back sore after sitting behind a desk for hours? Do your neck or shoulder hurt? Take the time to identify where in your life you may be putting undue pressure on your spine and start looking for lumbar support from there. To help you with this process, we’re going to look at some aids that can make office work easier. 

We also have lumbar support aids and ergonomic accessories available at our clinic should you require any suggestions or advice on what to use to improve your posture.

lumbar support for office chair

Lumbar Support For Office Chair

Working in an office usually means hours spent sitting at a desk. However, this sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to your health. Regular breaks from the screen, standing, stretching, and exercising are all hugely important in leading a healthy lifestyle at work. However, while setting reminders to stand and stretch and going for walks are great practices, most of us overlook the importance of good posture while sitting. 

Lumbar support for office chairs are one way to promote good posture. These cushions, placed on the back of your chair in the small of your back, help you keep your back straight while working and your feet securely planted on the ground. There are thousands of lumbar support pillows on the market so you may want to do some research before deciding which is for you. 

If you would like some expert advice then we also offer our very own ergonomic accessories designed to assist your posture while at work. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our services as well as the products we offer.

Standing Desks and Standing Mats

Another way to ensure you maintain your health without losing productivity is to invest in a standing desk and standing mat. As the name suggests, a standing desk is a desk that sits higher than average allowing for computer work on your feet. 

This is a great alternative to have near your work station so you can alternate between sitting and standing. A standing mat is a simple addition that makes standing more comfortable. Adding these tools to your lumbar support aids as well as taking regular breaks will help you work in a healthier, happier way while supporting your spine.

Other benefits of standing desks include:

  • Standing lowers the risks of obesity.
  • A standing desk may lower blood sugar levels.
  • Standing Desks reduce back pain and strains.
  • Improves productivity.
lumbar support for office chair

Ergonomic Accessories

Once you’ve decided on the correct lumbar support pillow you can also look at ergonomic accessories like your monitor, keyboard and mouse. Your monitor should be at eye level so you don’t have to strain your neck looking down or up. You should also look at your keyboard and mouse. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) or shoulder strain then your keyboard may be the issue.

An ergonomic keyboard positions your hands in a natural position, allows for easy reach to all the keys, and some even incorporate a wrist rest. This allows you to work for extended periods without straining your hands.

Changing to a more ergonomic mouse can also further support your work and prevent CTS or arthritis from flaring up. An ergonomic mouse differs from a traditional mouse in the layout of the buttons and the arch of the hand rest. The thinking behind this is that a traditional mouse requires you to use your hand in a non-natural position (lying face down), which can strain your wrist if used extensively. 

An ergonomic mouse is usually more upright with some almost appearing on their side. This vertical design allows you to use your mouse while keeping your hand upright and your wrist in a more natural position.

Do you need a helping hand?

Choosing the right lumbar support or ergonomic accessories can be a difficult decision. From the type of work, you do to posture, age, conditions and even the type of furniture you use can affect your spine.

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