Aromatherapy Blends that are customised to your personal wants and needs

Aromatherapy can be beneficial in helping with a range of conditions. These custom aromatherapy blends are tailored to suit your personal preferences for aroma and how you want the aroma to make you feel. They can help to make you feel calm, energised, sleepy, focussed or even romantic! It really is completely up to you. We also take into account allergies and medical conditions, so you know that the blend is working in harmony with your body.

Because these are custom aromatherapy blends, we will contact you after your purchase to complete a short online form regarding your preferences and to double check your medical specifications. Once you have completed the form it will take a couple of days to prepare. We will then contact you when it is available to collect from the clinic.

Our range of products is provided by Hattie Prior at Telfairi Natural Therapies and includes customised aromatherapy oils and creams, pulse point rollers, clay face masks and inhalant drops.

These custom aromatherapy blends are the perfect gift for any loved one.