Testimonials; You’ll Be So Glad You Found Relief.

Testimonials from happy patients remind us why we work in healthcare; helping people.  Although relatively small in the grand scheme of things, we are fortunate enough to have a five star rating on Google and Facebook. Besides these sites, we also get lots of comments through feedback questionnaires or in person.

Below you can find a list of some of these comments.  If you would like to leave a comment, please either email us, or write something on Facebook or Yelp.

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“I feel in very safe hands with Edmund. Working on physical issues that have built up over a life time, I realise there is no ‘quick fix’ and a regular monthly appointment to keep tweaking has been of huge benefit.”

– Sonja (2021)

“Edmund and the team are always highly professional and friendly. It is a pleasure to attend my appointments in lovely surroundings. Edmund is a first class chiropractor and the rest of the team excellent too – Collin gives a great sports massage too. Don’t hesitate in checking them out, you won’t be disappointed.”

– Linda (2021)

“Cheerful efficient reception, confident reassuring treatment, as ever.”

– Michael (2021)

“Edmund Rogers has magic hands as well as an in depth knowledge which is evident when he explains and answers my questions. He is very professional and definitely has the client/patient’s best interest at heart. I do not know what I would have done without his expertise. He has helped me so much.”

– Belinda (2021)

“Friendly professional staff. Always make me feel at ease and valued as a customer. My posture and quality of life has greatly improved.”

– Dianna (2021)

“Professional and efficient service and communication. A practice that aims for results, proving an honest service.”

– Chris (2021)

“Many. Many. Thanks [to Collin].”

– Barney (2021)

“Excellent as always! I’ve been his client for a few years and always feel I’m in the best hands for diagnosis and treatment. Thank you”

– Serena (2021)

“A great experience every time. Makes me feel rejuvenated even when I didn’t feel bad beforehand. I love the massage bed!”

– Phil (2021)

“Empathetic with patients and always looking to help them. An excellent service and well recommended.”

– Maria (2021)

“Very professional and caring”

– Caroline (2021)

“Wish I had gone years ago. Great results after just one visit. Ongoing sessions and I’m feeling 10 years younger.”

– Janey (2020)

“Welcomed warmly, relaxing reception area. Felt so much better after my treatment.”

– Tricia (2018)

“So glad to have found these guys, different, refreshing, most of all though, effective.”

– DeeKay789 (2018)

“Excellent results with very non-invasive treatment.”

– Jayne (2018)

“Friendly and welcoming. Helps my back no end.”

– Paul (2018)

“I get regular sports massages by Joanna. She’s brilliant and the clinic is a lovely environment. All staff very friendly and helpful , and services reasonably priced.”

– Bee (2017)

“Relief is a welcoming friendly place to come to i have had 3 sessions of treatment and can already feel the difference not only does Edmund do a thorough job he used an irregular method of treatment thats not used often in the uk we will be using them from now on and recommend them to anyone i know.”

– William (2017)

“I contacted Edmund from Relief Chiropractic because I was experiencing some back and shoulder problems. After an initial spine check Edmund referred me to one of his massage therapists and recommended combining sports massage with some chiropractic sessions, which helped make the problem disappear for a while. When the pain in the shoulder returned, I turned to Edmund again and he helped me eradicate it completely. I really like gentle approach and techniques Edmund uses with his patients. Whenever I was trying to book a session at the Relief Chiropractic Health Clinic, I was assisted by a very helpful and friendly staff and the fact I could coordinate my sessions and have them all in one place, was extremely convenient. I will certainly come back to the clinic and I have no hesitation in recommending it to other patients experiencing all sorts of different pain and back problems.”

– Katie (2016)

“Excellent chiropractic care very good listener very good treatment very good advice felt a real difference after the first treatment.”

– Sharon (2016)

“After years of intense back pain and inadequate physio, a few sessions of chiro fixed the problem. I still can’t believe it!”

– Athan (2015)

“About a year ago, I suffered from a trapped nerve in my back, and after trying two other chiropractors (one of whom actually made it worse by trapping a second nerve), I visited Ed on the recommendation of my partner, and within hours of my first appointment the pain was gone!!! Relief!!! Bliss!!! I can thoroughly recommend Ed to anyone who suffers from back pain. He is thorough, conscientious, and gets the job done!”

– Eamonn (2014)

“I would like to recommend Edmund Rogers of Relief Chiropractic as after just 2 sessions with Edmund I have much freer movement in my whole body and now realise how restricted my movement had become. Edmund has also supplied exercises to retain the freedom of movement and these are certainly working. Having been a competitive sportsman for all my life I have used many physiotherapists and chiropractors in the past but none had identified the problem and eased it so quickly. I was aware that my golf swing had become restricted and I had recurring pain and I am now hitting much better shots and not suffering neck and back pain. I would have no hesitation in recommending Edmund Rogers of Relief Chiropractic to any of my clients or contacts especially my golfing pals.”

– Alan (2014)

“Friendly welcome and first class service as always from all staff.”

– Alison (2021)

“Professional, effective and informed chiropractic practice. Lovely premises, friendly helpful staff, great care. I highly recommend Relief Chiropractic, with treatment plan tailored especially for you following initial thorough consultation.”

– Polly (2021)

“I tried this chiropractor on a whim and was very skeptical about any chiropractor working. I was so wrong. I have suffered from chronic back pain for around 15 Years and just thought I was condemned to a life of pain. When I first attended these sessions I was taking 30mg codeine everyday and still lost sleep through being in so much discomfort from my spine. It was impossible for me to stand still in queues etc and ever being “comfortable” was a rarity. After a few sessions with Edmund, I immediately started to feel better. I went from a 15/10 on a pain scale to about a 3/10 within a month. I am now nearing the end of my treatment plan and if I could give this practice a 10/5 stars I would. I can not fault anything they have done. The parking is great and easy and always available. The clinic is clean and inviting. And above all the treatment I have received from Edmund has changed my life completely. I am now able to undertake heavy lifting on an almost daily basis painkiller free and I am no longer living a life in constant pain. I would recommend Relief Chiropractic to anyone suffering from back pain especially, you will not regret it. I was a total skeptic but you just cannot put a price on living pain free. Thank you to Edmund and all his staff.

In addition, I have autism so find human interaction and understanding things difficult, but I have always felt like I’ve been treated with respect here and it’s never too much trouble for them to explain things for me.”

– Rosie (2020)

“I’ve been seeing Ed for a number of years, can’t stress enough how much he has helped. Can’t recommend enough. Thank you!”

– Michael (2020)

“I was searching for so long to see if it exists any method that could make my mother feel better from the terrible back, spine, neck problems & migraines she had for the last 9 years. Doctors abroad were asking her to have a spine surgery with high risk of getting paralyzed!

I found Relief Chiropractic Health Clinic and I decided to give it a try since my mother was here during Christmas.

This was the best present for her! After three sessions the pain got minimized and the body flexibility was increased. Few sessions later the pain from 8 or 9/10 decreased to 2/10 and today she can walk long distances, do her daily tasks, run her business & is pain free. For sure when she comes over next time we will visit Edmund for a check up and few more adjustments if needed.

Thank you all for the great experience and for bringing my mothers smile back.”

– Areti (2019)

“Fast service and very friendly staff, they attended to me quickly and helped make me understand what help I would gain from them.”

– Farooq (2018)

“I recommend Relief Chiropractic without reservation. Staff are friendly, reassuring and helpful. I’ve had regular reflexology with Edwina and seen Abbe too … both have done a great job.”

– Rosemary (2017)

“The treatment I have received at Relief Chiropractic has helped me greatly. My overall health has improved. I can’t recommend them enough!”

– Mary (2015)

“Pain relief after first visit, fantastic. Edmund is highly professional and very knowledgeable. Most importantly Edmund provides a relaxed and safe environment where you are completely at ease. Edmund talks you through your treatment plan so you know what is happening at all times. The after care is excellent and Edmund also emailed a link to an exercise site. I have no problem with recommending Edmund’s practice.”

– Sharon (2015)

“I decided to visit Relief Chiropractic after I was told by the emergency NHS service that I had acute sciatica (no obvious cause, but intense pain, especially in the left leg) and that it would take months to get better. I was given pain killers, some sympathy, and that’s about it. However, and after several weeks of pain, lack of sleep and loss of concentration at work, I decided enough was enough and, following the advice of friends, decided to visit Relief Chiropractic. It is on my way home, and I thought it would be worth a punt….. I’m glad I did! After just the second visit, I was able to walk through London the very next day (some 2-3km) with relatively little inconvenience. To put this into context, before that visit, I could manage no more than 50 metres without having to stop and rest in absolute agony. Now, after visit 3 (the third in just 3 weeks) I’m almost back to normal – went for a long walk this weekend! I don’t know how you do it Edmund, but whatever it is, it works fast and it works well. I cannot recommend your services highly enough. Fantastic job, lovely clinic, welcoming, easy communications and great website. I wish I’d discovered you years ago! I’ll be back….!”

– Martin (2015)

“I’ve seen many chiropractors over the years to keep my hyper-mobile spine working and have never experienced an almost pain free session. The McTimoney technique as practiced by Edmund astonished me, as there was virtually no pain attached, yet my seized and nerve-trapped back is now in place again and recovering well. Highly recommended!”

– Nick (2014)

“I had been visiting a physiotherapist and osteopath for a back problem that I have had for a long time, but it just kept deteriorating. It became so bad just before Christmas that I was bed ridden for 2 weeks. As a mum of two young children it was very important that I was back on my feet as soon as possible. I was recommended to go and see a McTimony chiropractor. I rang Ed and he was able to see me the same day, despite being busy in the run up to Christmas. It has been wonderful to feel my back getting better after so long. It has been useful that Ed is able to do home visits. It has also been helpful to have advise about what exercises I could try and which to avoid, and general back care. I love having my independence back and confidence to do sport/exercise again and would definitely recommend Relief Chiropractic.”

– Michelle (2014)

“Thank you so much for your gentle and professional therapy for my back problem. I have had ongoing problems due to many hours sitting (the wrong way!) at a computer. I was worried about a home visit, but it turned out to be a great decision, you put me at my ease very quickly. Your treatment and posture/lifestyle advice meant I was on the mend in no time – pain free in fact. I would definitely recommend you and McTimoney Chiropractic.”

– Liz (2013)

“Very friendly with a first class treatment, definitely 100% recommendable.”

– Chidi (2021)

“Went to see Edmund after numerous recommendations from friends. I had injured my back after pushing myself too hard during a few PT sessions. Initially nervous as I didn’t like the thought of clicking things, but Edmund was very reassuring and I feel safe in his hands! Back is feeling so much better and also I’m more educated and conscious of my back condition.”

– Luke (2021)

“[Rebecca is] always a friendly face to treat you and deal with your problems. Makes you feel at ease to enjoy the treatment. Rate the experience over 100%. [Laser therapy] has truly worked miracles for myself.”

– Maria (2021)

“I’ve been a patient for almost all the practitioners here and would highly recommend them all! I used to have headaches every day but that has gone away after regular adjustments from Edmund.

Rebecca took one look at my wrist and could tell I had a ganglion cyst, which I was diagnosed with 11 years ago, before I’d even mentioned it. I’ve had daily wrist pain since and laser therapy has really helped this heal and on top of that, she has given me many tips to help me manage and reduce the pain from this and my hypermobility.

Edwina gives the most relaxing stress relief massages.

All the practitioners are so knowledgeable and really do a lot to get to the root of your problem and help you heal.”

– Haile (2021)

“When I first went to this clinic I had absolutely no movement in my back and neck, due to the way I carried myself after surgery on my spine 20 yrs ago. When I first saw Edmund I felt at ease straight away. After the first treatments twice a week I can’t believe the difference in my spine neck and shoulders. I can not recommend Edmund and his team highly enough. I was apprehensive as I have rods in my spine. But that was worked around. And now going once a week. I feel I have my spine back”

– Karen (2021)

“Excellent treatment from a very caring therapist [Rebecca]”

– Susan (2021)

“Wonderful as always. I feel totally confident in the treatment I am being given. Thank you.”

– Mary (2021)

“Edmund is the master! I have often compared him to a Jedi. In fact, I believe I’ve even called him Master Yoda a few times. Couldn’t recommend him and his team highly enough!”

– Oliver (2021)

“Very professional and very attentive.”

– Ricky (2021)

“Always amazing!!!”

– Theresa (2021)

“Good service, friendly knowledgeable staff, great customer service, efficient, website easy to use.”

– Louise (2020)

“First class, cannot recommend highly enough. I had travelled to UK from Australia to spend time with my Mum at Arthur Rank Hospice. I have chronic migraine and chiropractic support has let me manage this over the years. Needless to say 36 hours travel, the emotional see-saw that I was on and sitting around meant that I was in acute discomfort in my neck, shoulders and hips. The practice is a 5 minute drive from the hospice so it was easy for me to manage. Edmund welcomed me as a short-term patient; was thorough and diligent in his assessment; and took great care to give treatment that I could comfortably tolerate and that mediated my symptoms. I have to say that if I could ship him and his team to Sydney I would be moving practitioner!”

– Elena (2020)

“Edmund worked wonders on my back, highly recommended, great staff, very professional and at a very reasonable price.”

– David (2018)

“I have had problems with my back since forever and learnt to live with it, as one too often does. However, during the summer, something went particularly wrong and I found the clinic on Google and called in desperation for an emergency appointment.
I cannot emphasise how much this has changed my life. Not only was the emergency problem dealt with and resolved, but a lifetime of back pain and ensuing migraines (heavy-duty ones, three times a week sometimes, may I add!) are being fixed. The changes are phenomenal and my quality of life has improved drastically.

The staff are very friendly, Edmund Rogers, my chiropractor, is absolutely amazing and I can not recommend him or the practice enough!

Suffice to say my entire family is now going to see him and the plans available are perfect for that.
Do not hesitate for a second in giving them a call, I wish I hadn’t waited so long!”

– E. Lilou (2018)

“Have received excellent treatment here.”

– Holly (2018)

“A more professional and competent bunch one couldn’t wish to meet….literally in very safe hands!”

– John (2017)

“Have helped me greatly, good range of treatments on offer.”

– Helen (2017)

“After having a bad back for over 4 years since I started Triathlon I was impressed that after 2 session my back is considerable better and I can start to feel the improvement. The procedures are non-evasive and pain free unlike other Chiropractors and they have a care plan which makes the prices even more competitive.”

– Lee (2016)

“Ed is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. The treatment is explained in full and virtually pain-free.The fees are very reasonable compared with other practitioners in the area. I would recommend Ed to anyone – in fact i have already recommended him to my friend with a back problem.”

– Jane (2015)

“I couldn’t have done without Edmund’s help this past couple of months and will continue to have treatments for the next while. After slipping in the shower in March, my neck and spine were completely out of alignment and I was in so much pain. Edmund’s gentle work has improved things no end for me, and continues to do so. It’s a great advantage with my busy and varied timetable that he can also visit me at home. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!”

– Emma (2014)

“Sympathetic and effective treatment improved my lower back enormously. You did everything needed to really get to the bottom of my problem. I felt you gave me that ‘extra touch’ that helped me through, thank you.”

– Paul (2013)

“I used ‘Relief chiropractic’ as a last resort after years with a back pain problem.  Although at first I was skeptical of chiropractic, the after effects of the treatment blew me away.  The way it all works makes so much sense and I couldn’t believe the difference a few changes to my work habits made.”

– John (2013)

“I can’t recommend enough… I also can’t believe I waited this long to get a chiropractic treatment!  If you are thinking about it yourself, don’t delay!”

– Beth (2013)