Chiropractic Care for Upper Back Pain Treatment

What is Upper Back Pain?

Upper back pain is also known as mid-back or thoracic pain and is probably just as common as low back pain and neck pain; however, it is not usually as dramatic, meaning you don’t always require upper back pain treatment.  Generally it manifests as pain and/or stiffness in the mid back region which is often simply shrugged off as being ‘a bit tense’ or having worked too hard.  However, if this pain or stiffness is severe, or happens more than once a week it is something which should definitely be addressed by your chiropractor.  Also, remember that upper back issues often come hand in hand with neck issues because of the close proximity of the structures involved.

chiropractic treatment for upper back pain

Causes of Upper Back Pain

The causes of upper back pain are usually defined by a person’s age and environment.  Upper back pain in children and older patients is less common than in adults, because of the effects of poor seated working postures, which are arguably the most common cause of dysfunction.  However, modern lifestyles are having more and more effect on children and young adult’s postures.

Some of the mechanical causes of upper back pain include:

  • Hunched seated posture
  • Weakened mid-back muscles (between the shoulder blades)
  • Forward head carriage
  • Rib displacement
  • Asymmetry of Muscle
  • Muscle Spasm
  • Scoliosis
  • Scheuerman’s Kyphosis
  • Degenerative Disks
  • Spinal Disk Herniation (‘slipped disk’)
  • Trauma and Accidents

Before your visit, you are quite likely to be unaware of the cause of your pain.  That’s fine! your chiropractor will be very happy to help you work out what sort of upper back pain you have and point you in the right direction for upper back pain treatment.

Upper Back Pain Treatment

I have found chiropractic care to be a very effective upper back pain treatment by slowly but surely affecting a patient’s posture and work ergonomics through advice and treatment.  Some of the other causes of upper back pain can also be effectively managed by slowing the progression of disease.

Upper Back Exercises

Many of the most effective exercises and stretches for the upper back involve thinking about the particular work postures you get into and minimising the negative effects of them by balancing out the muscles.  Often this entails strengthening the postural back muscles and stretching the chest and neck muscles.  Make sure you book an appointment for specific advice on the sort of exercises which should help you.

What’s The Bottom Line?

Upper back pain is common and often can be very tiresome.  If your upper back pain is posture related, you have the power to change things through effective chiropractic treatment, advice, exercises and willpower!  If you don’t have pain at the moment, but suspect your posture is poor, start making these changes now before it manifests as pain in the future.

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